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  • What is Outshine Ventures?
    Outshine Ventures is a global community of sophisticated investors that is actively investing in early-stage Web3 startups on a deal-by-deal basis.
  • What Outshine Ventures is Not
    Outshine Ventures is not a token fund, does not trade liquid assets, is not a custody provider, and does not issue NFTs or any other token.
  • Who Can Participate?
    US accredited investors, as defined by the SEC, and global individuals who meet their countries’ respective guidelines. All investors must pass KYC requirements via our fund admin.
  • What Is the End-to-End Process?
    The Managing Partners source and personally diligence deals via their global network of Web3 investors, founders, and experts. Once a lead VC is determined for the round, investors will be provided with all relevant information about the company, including our full diligence materials. Investors who would like to participate in the round will then notify us. After collecting interest, we will secure an allocation in the round. Once an amount has been secured, investors will use to view and sign legal documents and wire funds. First time investors will need to create an account with and complete the KYC and accredited investor attestation.
  • What is the Typical Check Size for a Startup?
    Target syndicated check sizes range from $50k to $250k per investment.
  • What is the Minimum Check Size for Individual Investors per startup?
    The minimum check size for each investor, per startup, is currently $5,000. This amount may vary depending on the level of interest per startup.
  • Does Outshine Ventures Invest in Each SPV?
    Yes, Outshine Ventures invests in every SPV alongside other investors in the syndicate.
  • Who is the Fund Admin for the SPVs?
    Sydecar handles the end-to-end SPV process, which includes: KYC (Know-Your-Customer) compliance, accredited investor attestation, providing K1s on an annual basis, and assisting with distribution of funds during a liquidity event. You can read more about Sydecar and its terms of service on its website.
  • What Currencies are Accepted?
    The fund admin accepts USD.
  • Is There a Membership Fee?
    There is currently no annual membership fee to join and participate in Outshine Ventures.
  • What About Other Fees?
    The cost for each SPV is set by our fund manager (Sydecar). It is based on the type of SPV, amount being raised, number of investors, and location of investors. Pricing will be disclosed to investors ahead of each SPV creation. These fees will be equally divided among all angel investors in the SPV, including Outshine Ventures itself. For each SPV, Outshine Ventures is assigned 20% carry in the SPV, which is collected upon a liquidation event.
  • What Are the Investment Types?
    Standard equity and token warrants (when applicable).
  • What is a Token Warrant?
    A Token Warrant Side Letter gives investors rights to future tokens with the amount determined as a proportion (agreed upon with the company) to their equity investment in the company. (e.g., 1:1 ratio).
  • How are Follow-On Startup Investments Handled?
    Updated diligence materials will be sent to investors in the case of a follow-on opportunity. If an allocation is available to us and enough interest is collected, investors are able to participate in follow-on investments.
  • What is the Exit Criteria for a Startup Investment?
    Exit criteria varies per startup and is determined on several factors including the performance of the investment and availability of liquidity events. Check respective investment memos regarding potential exit opportunities prior to investing in a particular startup.
  • How Do Liquidation Events Work?
    Liquidation events and disbursements are handled by the fund admin. In the event of a positive disbursement, investors receive their initial capital investment and carry, proportionate to their ownership in the SPV, less Outshine Ventures’ 20% carry in the SPV.

FAQs are subject to change.

Please contact an Outshine Ventures team member with any additional questions.


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